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Q. Why should I say "goodbye" to my soap?

A.  Even the gentlest soap such as castille, is made during a chemical process using a harsh chemical alkali like lye to saponify or transform vegetable fats into soap. Your skin contains a delicate natural emollient system and soap can be drying.

Q. How do your scrubs cleanse my skin 100 % naturally without soap?

A.  Our scrubs exfoliate and CLEANSE %100 ORGANICALLY with the same power as soap using a special botanical alternative!  For centuries, traditional societies around the globe have used certain plants that contain natural surfactants called saponins as soap. As their name suggests, which is derived from the Latin root "sapo" or soap, saponins work in the same way to lift oil and dirt from surfaces. Our scrubs cleanse the skin with Saponaria officinalis or soapwort plant which is rich in saponins and contains antibacterial qualities. Your skin will feel squeaky clean without the drying effects of soap. This beautiful wildflower has a long history of use as a gentle soap in Europe and among Native Americans to cleanse, heal dry skin, and to treat skin eruptions.

Q. What preservatives do your products contain?

A. None. Our products contain absolutely no preservatives or chemicals! The addition of water to any cosmetic product requires the use of a preservative system to prevent spoilage. Most skin care products contain potentially harmful chemicals called "parabens" to extend shelf life. A few natural skin care lines use certain herbal extracts as "natural preservatives" but many of these herbs can be irritating to the skin and their level of effectiveness is controversial.We decided to avoid the problem of preservatives by eliminating water from our products. They are packaged like dried foods and should be treated as such. You simply add water when you are ready to use them in the tub or shower. When water is added, our products transform into a creamy consistency and glide onto the skin. We don't recommend eating them as the botanicals are meant for external use only, but just as with dried foods, the contents of the containers should be kept clean and dry to prevent spoilage.

Q. Do your products contain chemicals of any kind?

A. No, only %100 natural raw ingredients. Many natural skin care companies base their products on one or two key ingredients while the majority of the product consists of cheap bases and synthetic moisturizers. Other companies will list so many so-called natural ingredients that the amount contained in the formula is too small to be effective. We use only a few high quality ingredients and nothing else. All of our ingredients are active! Therefore, you receive the maximum benefit of each natural element on your skin.

Q. I am a retailer, how can I find out about wholesale pricing and minimums?

A. If you are a retailer seeking to carry our unique line in your store, please visit our "contact us" page and use the form to request information about wholesale pricing and minimum order requirements. You can also e-mail us at customersupport@anthrospa.com and we will send you more information. Thank you. 

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