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It has been great thus far. The face scrub actually feels like it cleans :)) The mask is WONDERFUL. Everything feels so fresh and tight afterwards. I also want to add that it has become a habit of mine to reach for the mask when after washing my face, I see a tired and worn out reflection. It has great rejuvenating and uplifting effects. Immediately after rinsing the mask off, my face feels refreshed and restored. I also feel as though it completely stops any emerging blemishes, dryness, or irritation. Just as I begin to feel something come on, I dab a bit of the mask on and it literally subsides. 100% TRUE. I AM SO HAPPY

E. R.

These are the greatest products I have EVER used. My skin is soft as a baby's, my pores are no longer visible and my complexion is even brighter because of the exfoliation. And the best part is...it's all natural!! No chemicals are sinking into my skin.

Gigi B.

I will start off by saying within the first few days of using the masque my boyfriend asked if I was wearing make-up because my skin looked so clear. Now ladies we all know that men rarely notice things but that just goes to show how great this product is. It hasn't even been a full week and my skin is softer than a babies bottom and more toned than ever before. It is so amazing that after my first time using it I didn't even have to apply a hydrating lotion afterward. I recommend this product to every person in the world! I have been using the scrub every night for not even a week and my skin looks and feels amazing. This is the first scrub that I have ever used that didn't leave my face dry and dull looking. It is simply amazing!Thanks AnthroSpa

Sheena G.


I really have seen good results with the face masque. My skin is brighter and pores are barely visible. Whenever I do wear makeup the application is so much smoother. I give your face masque "two thumbs up"


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